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Modern tool design tends to be refined, specialized, intelligent, and flexible

issuing time :2019-10-26

The tool structure includes the tool itself and the external shape of each function component, the clamping method, the geometry of the cutting edge area and the truncated shape. 1.121. At present, the tool design is still dominated by the leading design ideas for tool cutting performance, from geometric design and physics. The two aspects of the design are the optimal combination of tool cutting efficiency, tool life and final workpiece machining quality.

      The geometric design of the tool is mainly for the basic tool geometry such as blade strength, tool chipping, chip breaking, tool reliability and safety, and is also the main breakthrough direction of tool design. In the future development, the design of the helix angle design for the difficult-to-machine materials, the variable pitch design and the vibration-absorbing edge design technology that can reduce the cutting vibration appear in the structure, while the edge passivation treatment technology and the negative chamfering design technology can be remarkable. Improve the blade strength, and gradually form industrialization technology with the breakthrough in the field of micro-nano manufacturing research. The high-speed steel end mill adopts the wave edge design. The cutting edge has variable rake angle, back angle and helix angle. It has excellent chip breaking and chip discharging performance, and is especially suitable for processing materials with good plasticity and chip breaking, such as titanium alloy. .

      At present, the physical design of the tool is mainly based on the improvement of the performance of the tool material, and gradually develops in the direction of customizing the physical properties of the tool for specific machining conditions and workpiece materials. Figure 4 shows a composite step drill designed by the unit for the enterprise. The previous production process of the company's production line was to drill and re-expand, requiring two drill bits. After the composite step drill, it can be formed in one time, greatly reducing the tool change. Time and processing time, while avoiding machining errors caused by tool change. In addition, it is also possible to develop a multi-function milling cutter with higher strength and reliability. By changing the milling insert, it can meet the needs of different working conditions to meet the needs of intelligent and automated development.

      The development of modern tool technology should meet the requirements of tool performance and green and low consumption. The geometric design and physical design of the tool tend to be refined, specialized, intelligent and flexible. Under the premise of ensuring the performance of the tool, the design and forming technology that is beneficial to the recycling and reuse of the tool will be taken seriously. In addition, for the needs of high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace, power generation equipment, molds, etc., the development of independent and innovative multi-face milling cutters, various ball-end milling cutters, modular end mill systems, insert milling cutters, large feed milling cutters, etc. Structural technology is also strategic.

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