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Professional quality assurance


We passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system, and we were awarded as“Guangdong Hi-tech Enterprise”and “China Hi-tech Enterprise”at the same year, meanwhile we establish “Heyuan Research Center of Engineering and Technology”. Then we were awarded as “Heyuan Science & Technology Innovation Enterprise”in year 2013 and “Demonstration Area of Industry-University-research cooperation”in year 2014. And we are one of the 500 enterprises, which has the best prospective in Guangdong province.

In year 2015, “Guangdong Research Center of Engineering and Technology”, which was certified from “Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology”was established in our company.

We have undertaken many scientific research projects of Heyuan city and Guangdong province. We have 2 “Patent for Invention” and 16 “Patent for Utility models”.

On Jan.31, 2019, Guangdong Zhengxin Hard-material Technology Research & Development Company was established.


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