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Professional quality assurance





Enterprise spirit

Hardworking creates future”

We shall put all our heart and soul to our career and undertake our responsibilities!

"Quality is the basis"

We were, are and will be on the way to improve our management ability of quality control, so that we can offer better quality and service for our clients;

 “Credit comes first

Credit is the bridge between clients and us, and is our management rules as well.

Market phiosophy

Market changes fast, and we shall build up our fast reaction mechanism of meeting challenges and avoiding risks, then we can adapt to the changing market situation. This mechanism can make our career long live, and win our clients’ satisfaction depends on our good technology and quality.

Quality phiosophy

Nowadays, the competition among enterprises changes essentially: it is from “Shortage Economy to Excess Economy; it is from Competition on Quality and Selling to Competition on Marketing, Brand and Culture. Good quality is a matter of course. Quality is life for an enterprise”shall not be a watchword. And also quality is an important factor of format a good brand.

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