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market Unlimited Unlimited negotiable 2019-11-05

Job information, job description

1. Fully implement and complete monthly sales targets and tasks in the region under my jurisdiction;

2. Supply, payment collection and development of new core sales points of each sales point within the jurisdiction of full authority;

3. According to the company's terminal standardization construction specifications, guide the standard display of samples at the sales counters, display of promotional materials and promotional supplies;

4. Train all kinds of sales skills, product knowledge and corporate culture for the guide consultants and dealers with full authority, enhance the sales skills of the guide and the dealer, and maintain the relationship with customers in sales points;

5. Timely and properly deal with problems related to the terminal of purchasing guide consultants in the region under my jurisdiction;

6. Actively communicate with dealers, plan and organize relevant promotion or promotion activities according to the needs of sales sites and peak sales season, so as to improve the market share of vivo in stores and publicize the brand;


A, college degree or above, male or female, 21-30 years old;

B. Cheerful personality, standard mandarin, strong desire for success and pursuit of personal value;

C. At least half a year of sales experience and some training or related work experience.

(education requirements may be relaxed for veterans or over 2 years of sales experience)

clerk Unlimited Unlimited negotiable 2019-11-05

Job description of administrative clerk:

Responsible for the collection, transmission and management of front desk information and materials, attendance, employee access registration, vehicle access registration

Duties and responsibilities of administrative clerk:

1. Responsible for formulating detailed rules of information management at the front desk and strictly implementing them after approval;

2. Responsible for internal distribution and transmission of company documents, notices, circulars and other materials;

3. Responsible for the registration, reception and reception of visitors;

4. Responsible for the communication of internal working instructions and meeting spirit;

5. Responsible for meeting room layout and conference preparation;

6. Responsible for the communication and contact of internal staff;

7. Responsible for drafting relevant notices, notices and other documents according to the arrangement of superiors;

8. Responsible for printing, copying and fax sending and receiving related documents of the company;

9. Collect and properly keep relevant documents and information;

10. Responsible for ticketing, hotel and restaurant reservation;

11. Responsible for employee access registration, employee attendance statistics and vehicle access registration;

12. Responsible for the reception, distribution and registration of office supplies;

13. Responsible for the registration and management of books, materials and drawings

14. Responsible for the work of telephone transfer, to be prompt, accurate, enthusiastic, civilized and articulate;

15. Strictly implement the handover system. Before the arrival of the successor, the handover personnel should stick to their posts to ensure clear handover procedures, clear responsibilities and continuity;

16. Timely deal with and report the problems related to the front desk information management, and take improvement measures;

17. Finish other work assigned by the superior.

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